Starting Your Own PAN Blog

If you’re reading this post, you’re seeing a live example of the exact kind of blog YOU can run on Patriot Action Network 2.0. Each and every user is invited to set up a FREE WordPress powered blog here on the site. Not only is your blog powered by the famous WordPress software… our site works JUST LIKE!

Users who moved over from the old PAN site will need to click here to set up a blog. New users will have the option to set up a blog during registration. If you did not set one up when you registered, but would like to now… just click here.

The advantages of running a blog here at Patriot Action Network are plentiful. We have all the features and functionality of WordPress, Blogspot/Blogger and most other mainstream blogging communities.

  • Custom Header/Logo Uploads
  • Custom Sidebar Widgets
  • Visually Rich Content Editors
  • Search Engine Friendly Tools & Blog URL’s
  • Personalized Sub-Domains (, for example)

We’ll soon be adding new templates for you to choose from and other features will be implemented by the end of 2011.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and start blogging now!


UPDATE: You DO NOT need any sort of WordPress account. We use the same software but we do not use the same site. All you need to do is be logged in to your PAN 2.0 account and you can create a blog!

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About Eric Odom (Media Director)

Eric Odom is Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation. Tea Party Activist & Organizer.
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2 Responses to Starting Your Own PAN Blog

  1. Dr. Waterson says:

    What is a blog domain? I could create a title (although the software cut it short) but had no clue as to what a blog domain is.

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