Trouble logging in?

Don’t worry… we anticipated some problems logging in and it’s completely normal in a move such as the one we’re doing on Patriot Action Network.

It’s important to understand that while you’re basic information was moved to the new site, there is no way for us to move your password because that data stays encrypted. We never have access to your password and can’t move it from one site to another.

To login you’ll need to use your email address (the one associated with your account) and click here to reset your password. Once you receive the email confirmation you’re good to go and you can login to your account!

Have questions? Leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you.


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About Eric Odom (Media Director)

Eric Odom is Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation. Tea Party Activist & Organizer.
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26 Responses to Trouble logging in?

  1. Vincent says:

    Either I forgot my password or the new site isn’t letting me log in or reset my password. Please help.

  2. Dennis Ward says:

    Tried several times, no go. Tried the reset, no go. Tried to create new account with my email address, says its already in use.

  3. Kathleen J. Burch says:

    I have been trying desperately to reset my password, and I keep running up against a wall. When I click on a directive to reset my password, I get an error message saying that the password field is empty. If I enter my old password, I get an error message saying my password is incorrect. Can you help me to get out of this loop and reset my password?

  4. Charles E. Sapen says:

    no comment at this time!

  5. Still having trouble. Eric sent me a temporary password, but this is the sequence: I click on “reset password,” and I get a screen that asks for my email address and has a button to click. Next, I get a screen that says that the password box was empty. When I put in the temporary password, I get back to the “reset password” screen. I see no direction to a simple “sign in” screen. What am I missing? I have already spent WAY too much time on this.

  6. Johnny Johnson says:

    Will not accept my password nor allow me to enter a new one.

  7. Bob Allen says:

    Tried the reset on 2 machines with 3 different browsers and no go.

  8. Jack E Craig says:

    It will not let me log in keeps takeing me to error page or says trere is no such account, or no pass word

  9. Richard Wohltmann says:

    Will not accept my password nor allow me to enter a new one. Should I try creating a new account?

  10. Richard Trumbore says:

    Whoops! Please delete previous post showing my email address.

  11. Gary W Franke says:

    I have tried logging in to no avail. Please help

  12. Julia A Roberts says:

    Help! Need a temporary password. Several attempts have been unsuccessful.

  13. I couldn’t get my password so I set a new one and now I read I shouldn’t do that. Is it okay to stay with the new one I set?

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