Sunday Update… The Joys of Moving a Mega Site

Well, joy is a bit sarcastic as you might imagine. In reality, moving a site as big as ours from servers we do not manage to servers we manage is no easy task. Add to that the fact that we have multiple domains and about 100 sub-domains to try and work with and you start seeing the complexities of such a move.

That’s why we opted to do it late Saturday night and our team has been working on it around the clock.

As an update, the dust is finally starting to settle a little. There are still some issues (and will be for several weeks, but most will not be as present on the frontend as those we see today) and we’re working on them.

Here’s the good news.

-All 50 state hubs are functional. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here to see a list and visit your state.

-The old site WILL be available for several months. You’ll be able to log in to your old profile and get all of your old data, as well as continue using the old site while we get everything up and running on the new one. The reason we can’t give you a link to it today is because we can’t get Ning to respond quick enough to give us a sub-domain to access it with.

Rest assured though, knowing that you’ll have it back within the next day or two.

-While about 3% of users are having some difficulty with the password reset, several thousand users have successfully logged in and began using the site. We tell you this so that if you’re in the 3%, you’ll know that things will get better and very soon!

Speaking of which, we’re pretty quick to getting the password problem resolved. If you’re still having trouble, please click here and open a ticket. Make sure you include the email address associated with your account in the message.

And now for the bad…

-Minor server issues. While we all want a move this big to flow seamlessly, that’s just not a reality. You may notice some lag here and there and an occasional time out. That’s because the guys working on the servers are trying to find the perfect load-balance configurations that allow traffic to be passed between multiple servers.

In other words… right now these slow-downs are intentional if/when they happen.

-Bugs are popping up here and there. We tested the heck out of the site over the past couple of weeks but there is no way to know how it will all act with 100,000 users until you have the 100,000 users active on the site. Now we have us all here and now we get the fun of seeing what happens as a result of it!

Trust us… it’s not really any fun at all. But we’re getting the bugs knocked down and all should be cleaned up soon.

It’s VERY important that you watch this blog for updates. This blog is the HQ for all status updates and website alerts. If you want to be notified when a new post is published, click here to subscribe to this blog via email.

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About Eric Odom (Media Director)

Eric Odom is Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation. Tea Party Activist & Organizer.
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10 Responses to Sunday Update… The Joys of Moving a Mega Site

  1. Lost all of my friends and group and post from old sight

  2. Casey says:

    I could not even open an email from you folks last night. I sitll fail to see why I have to reset my password. But I will try it. I do hope your site is available to dial up internet uers. I spend about 2 hours everyday reading your website blogs. How else can a person know what is going on?

    • Hi Casey,

      As frustrating as it might seem, the password issue is happening for your protection. We do not have access to your password and we never will. That piece of data is encrypted for good reason. What if someone somehow broke in? What if we were hacked? Granted we’re updated and secured, but some people use the same password here than they do for other things in their lives.

      When we moved from Ning we got a file that, because of the encryption, made it impossible to carry passwords over.

      Frustrating yes… but also the most secure way of make a move such as this.

      With regards to the blogs… check out our, and consider starting your own!

      Don’t worry… there will be a TON of good news content here at all times.


  3. I was wondering what happen to the site. I look forward to reading the news updates.

  4. Anne Bishop says:

    Reset my password with no problem. Looking forward to the new site! I hope all of the previous topics and posts will be archived so we can continue to refer back to them, at least through the 2012 election, because they do contain a wealth of information.

  5. I initially was frustrated trying to change my password, but then an e-mail was sent to me and I was able to change it. Well, actually, I used the same password I always had because it’s easy for me to remember and not likely to be guessed by anyone else. I hope the new PW sticks and I’m not locked out later when everything is up and running.

  6. Susan Kaness says:

    WOW! Thanks so much for doing this! :)

  7. Will the new site make it possible to inject facts for research on just what the real problems are that we are facing and be able to find out if anyone is getting them and able to respond in a manner that I will know. Like a personel e mail back wether they agree or not..

  8. Betz says:

    Will all of our friends and comments, etc from the old site be transferred. I hope so I have enough to do without trying to redo information that has been created on sites, blogs, etc.

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