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Many of you have expressed concern that the site is difficult to navigate. Anytime you work on a completely new format, there will be a learning curve. We too, are having to learn the new site. That being said, over the next few days I will provide you with screen shots of navigation and hopefully assist you in the learning curve with the New PAN 2.0.

The Admin Bar across the top in dark gray or dark blue is your personal navigation for all things related to your account (see screen shot below). For example:

1. My Account (hover over that) will have a drop down menu with several headings (by hovering over some of the sub titles you will see another sub menu for that category).

(see Screen Shot below)

  • Activity – post your “what’s happening now” comments, Activity for Personal, Friends, Groups, Favorites, @Yourusername mentions (see screen shot below)
  • Profile – Gives you the option to change your password, avatar, see what others see through the public display.
  • Blogs – your blogs
  • Messages – when you hover over messages another sub-menu will appear with your inbox, Sent messages, Compose a message, and notices. (you can also go to your profile and find those same tabs on your profile menu.
  • Friends List- Add Friends & Manage Friends
  • Groups- you have joined
  • Account Settings -Make changes to your account settings
  • Log Out

 Screen Shot:

Second screen shot shows a sub menu on Activity for an example:


2. My Blogs: Next on the admin bar. Any blogging accounts you set up including if you start tea party blogs (mini websites) or simply your own personal blog(s). Will list under My Blogs.


3. Dashboard -only on moderators, admin, and blogging accts


4. Notifications: will show messages, friend requests, etc…

Screen Shot                                                                               ↓↓


Your Account Profile Page:

Once you have completed your profile questions, your account profile page will have this message below until we approve your account. Once your account has been approved you will receive an official Welcome Letter and the message in the green box will go away.

It is important to note that until you answer all the “Required” questions on your profile, your account will not be marked as complete and will not show in the Moderators Que for approval. Furthermore you will not be able to participate on the site.

Screen Shot:


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About Darla Dawald, National Director

I am the National Director for Patriot Action Network! I have spoken at Tea Party Rallies all across the nation and was a speaker and one of three National Coordinators for the 1st historic march on DC 2009. We are working to educate, equip, and inspire Americans to become engaged citizen activist!
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10 Responses to Site Navigation: Your Account Tool Bar

  1. Frances McMeekin says:

    Sorry for your many problems,Darla, especially the loss of your brother. The loss of a family member is very hard. Lean on your other loved ones,and grieve for him. It will help you heal,..and it is a wound that has to heal….God bless..Fran McMeekin,patriot

  2. Robert McKenna says:

    Seems O.K. but will take longer for an individuaal to read posts and post replies.
    I feel that the power of the Tea Party comes, in a great deal, from members and supporters being able to freely contribute and to see that other people across the country agree with conservative opinions. I hope the new format doesn’t put a clinker in that. I also hope it will allow the posting of comments in a timely manner without the delay of having comments approved or unposted without notifying the writer. All in all, it should be an improvement —– But take care and don’t approve it to death.

    • Wow just tried to reply to you and gort a weird “cheating, huh window. I think I was regarded as spam. Big downer!

    • One more try. I am Professor X to my friends. [I always use a pseudonym for privacy]
      This way, If your blog has conections to other “social” sites, your I.D. is secure from intrusion. People here know my opinion of Facebook, which I have blogged about.
      The menus and submenus are very efficient; I can attest to this, since I’m only just “returning home” after a two month absence.
      Wordpress has been “home” and this system works well, though I feel like I was sent back to 1st grade. There are differences here; it will get better the more you “drive” this new car.
      Feel free to visit my pg at WP:

  3. TONY SC says:

    Other than the Ning family of websites, is there any other method so that all conservative organizations can instantly communicate with all members, nationwide, and disseminate important information for encouraging participation in events (mobilizing)?… I’m sure that, by next year, we will need this system.

  4. Zoraida says:

    We have all come a long way with the new PAN. BUT we did it.

    It takes time but I feel we are all doing well in learning how to navigate it. Thanks to Darla for all she does to help us.

    Zoraida †

  5. Darla;I have been a Member for several years now,After being sent from GrassFire,I Have been supportive,In The Objective,of P.A.N.and still do, However,I Have an old Computer,And I’m not sure it can adjust too these changes.,I am Going to Attempt Starting up,However,If My Attempts Fail,I Will just say THANKS FOR The MEMORIES,BUt Here’s too Trying!GOD Bless…..P.S.
    Are Comments Going to Come as E-MAILS on my”ADDRESS,OR on this site?

  6. Robert McKenna says:

    I had to go to this historical alert in order to be able to comment. I am unable to do so to any of the postings.
    I have an alert that the blog Bare Naked Islam, and their server WordPress may have been hacked and partially disabled by outsiders preventing the recipients from fully accessing the site. Please get in touch with me @sobobmck@gmail.

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