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The messaging system will be going through some changes down the road. In the interim, let us explain how this message system works. As we have shown on the other tutorials the Admin/My Acct Navigation bar and the Profile Menu are your tool bars for navigating your account and things that have to do with you. The tool bar at the very top is your account tool bar/admin bar (dark blue or gray).

Hover over My Account, when the sub menu pops up click on Messages or the second sub-menu click INBOX:

On your admin bar you will see all new notifications listed under NOTIFICATIONS as shown in the above picture to the right side. When you hover over Notifications the new items available will appear.

For now we are clicking INBOX.

Notice the blue tabs? The red tab that says Messages is the highlighted or selected tab. Underneath it has Inbox, Sent Messages, Compose, and Notices. The default is all messages.  The counter on messages counts all messages including responses to a message.

Currently we do not have the ability to reply to the sender only.

All messages are automatically REPLY TO ALL. If you want to reply to sender only we recommend that you click on compose and select the friend you wish to message. Otherwise, everyone included on the initial message will receive every response.

Our IT team are working to change that, but for now we must deal with the system as it is.

How to Compose a Message:

Click on Compose as you can see below,  text box appears. First in small print under the word Inbox you see  Pick from Friends List

Clicking there will show all friends you currently have on your list. By clicking on the friends name they are added (highlighted in green) to selected friends to receive that email.

Next is the subject line then the message content you want to type in.  I completed the fields below for you to see how it is done prior to clicking on Send Message.

Hopefully this answers your basic questions on email/messaging internal.

To change your notification settings:

Again go to your admin/my account bar at the top. Then hover over My Account. Then place your cursor over Settings-then sub menu on Notifications and click.

You will arrive on this page:

Change your Yes No answers to what you do or do not want notifications on. Notifications are sent to your personal email account you used when signing up on PAN.

Be sure to Save Changes!

Make sure you check out all our tutorials and check back often as we are adding them daily.

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